2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada


The World Rowing Federation (FISA) has awarded the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships to Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The event is coming to Victoria thanks to a groundswell of support from coastal rowers across Canada. A newly-formed rowing society – OARCA – will host the event.

OARCA stands for Open Aviron Rowing Coastal Association. The name OARCA pays homage to the orca whales that make BC’s coastal waters their home. This is reflected in the logo created for WRCC 2018 by World Rowing.  The graphics combine the orca, waves, a native-to-BC arbutus tree and the World Rowing Federation symbol, along with OARCA’s own stylized ocean wave.

Julien Bahain is the WRCC 2018 Regatta Director, supported by representatives from World Rowing, Rowing Canada Aviron, Rowing BC, the local community, First Nations and tourism officials. Other key positions of the Organizing Committee are Regatta Manager (Marla Weston), Race Director- Operational (Brenda Taylor) and Race Director – Technical (Julien Bahain). A multitude of committees and volunteers cover the myriad aspects of an international rowing championship.

The Organizing Committee draws interest and expertise from across Canada. Members include past Olympians and other long-time rowing enthusiasts from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island:

Regatta Director  and Race Director – Technical Julien Bahain
Regatta “Project Manager” Marla Weston
Race Director – Operations Brenda Taylor
Finance Tom Hawker
Legal John Alexander
Communications and Marketing Nancy Russell (Chief Press Officer)

Ruth Marr (Marketing)

Alison Antrobus (editorial)

Kaitlyn Rosenberg  (social media)

Katie Bahain-Steenman (website)

Safety/Medical Janice Mason
Course John Garrett
Boat Rental Katie Bahain Steenman/Charles Hauss
Volunteers Anne Linton
Site Brenda Taylor
Vendor Marketplace Annette O’Shea/Brenda Taylor
Awards and Hospitality Irina Sladecek
IT Ken Kozel
Worker Bees Jane Sorensen, Shirley Bassett
Sponsorship/Fundraising Brenda Taylor/Rebecca Berger

Contact us

Renting a boat: rentaboat@wrcc2018.com
Media Inquiries: media@wrcc2018.com


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Brenda Taylor: askus@wrcc2018.com
Press Officer
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