2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

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Equipment Rental

Race ready coastal rowing shells will be available for hire. The rental pool will have 48 boats, 16 in each class of single C1x (Y18), double C2x (Y25) and coxed quad C4x+ (X-series 35). Pool boats will be provided by Euro Diffusion and oars by Croker. Boats will be shared between crews and crews are not sure to race the heat and final in the same boat. Boats will be allocated to crews at the Boat Rental Tent after every draw.

One of the goals of this event is to leave a legacy of equipment to support the development of coastal rowing in BC, Canada and North America. Pool boats are available for purchase by individuals or clubs after the Regatta. Equipment purchase

Oar Rental Fee

Oars can be rented in the same way as the boats can be rented. Oars are rented for the race and allocated after every draw at the Boat Rental Tent. The oars you can rent are Crocker Arrow Model (285-291).

Rental fee:                                                           $100 per set (GST included)

Boat rental fees

July 1 – September 28:                                      $195 per seat (GST included)

(C1x = $195 / C2x = $390 / C4x+ = $780)

Payment in full is required at the time of booking.

September 28 – rental on site:                        $250 per seat (GST included)

(C1x = $250 / C2x = $500 / C4x+ = $1000)

Secure your rental Equipment

Make your payment for your oars through Peloton before September 28th.

Make your payment for your boat through Peloton before September 28th.

Boat rental payments after September 28th will go through a different system.

Rental fee includes oars and required safety equipment from Tuesday until the end of the regatta.

Due to process fees and management fees occurred, rental fees are non-refundable

Training sessions

Rental boats may be used for training on Tuesday. Please inquire about training sessions by email (rentaboat@wrcc2018.com) before September 28th, 2018.


Contact us

Renting a boat: rentaboat@wrcc2018.com
Media Inquiries: media@wrcc2018.com

Organising Committee

Rowing Canada
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Brenda Taylor: askus@wrcc2018.com
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