2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Equipment purchase

One of the goals of this event is to leave a legacy of equipment to support the development of coastal rowing in BC, Canada and North America. Pool boats are available for purchase by individuals or clubs after the Regatta.

Do not miss out on the special 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships discounts.


Boats 2018 WRCC Price (1) Discount(2)
Single Y18 $3,950.00 17%
Double Y25 $7,800.00 22%
Coxed Quad X35 – 4x/4+ Club $18,000.00 17%


Dollies 2018 WRCC Price (1) Discount(2)
To Be Confirmed (TBC) TBC TBC


Oars 2018 WRCC Price (1) Discount(2)
Model: Croker S40 Arrow Standard Blade $950 12%

The Croker S40 Arrow is the high-end model at Croker Oars. Before and after the 2018 WRCC,  you will have the opportunity to purchase the best equipment at a discount price. Please contact Croker West (http://crokerwest.com) to book your sculls.

1: Price does not include applicable taxes.

2: Discount compared to Catalogue Price in Canada


Please contact buyaboat@wrcc2018.com for more information.

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Renting a boat: rentaboat@wrcc2018.com
Media Inquiries: media@wrcc2018.com


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