2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

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Coastal Rowing: Catch The Wave!

Hosting the first ever World Rowing Coastal Championship in North America is a fantastic opportunity to catalyze the growth of this sport in both Canada and the USA. We believe that a signature event in a compelling destination generates interest and a reason for all North American rowers to take a first or renewed look at what coastal rowing offers our sport.

About Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing is the adventure side of rowing. It is sometimes called the mountain biking of rowing. The boats are more robust and stable than Olympic-style boats and are built to handle rough water and beach landings. Rowers must be aware of tides and currents and often be skilled at negotiating turns, rowing in rough water and contending with marine traffic. Coastal rowing can also be enjoyed in much calmer waters, and in some European clubs, coastal boats are used as “learn-to-row” boats, to teach beginners rowing technique in a very stable boat. Increasingly, coastal boats are being used on fresh water, especially bigger lakes that may get strong wave conditions such as Lac St. Jean in Québec, Lake Ontario, Lago Maggiore in Italy or Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Coastal boats are suitable for both touring and competing. Coastal touring and racing are especially popular in France, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Great Britain, but can be found all over the world, including in countries without a strong tradition of Olympic rowing, such as Tunisia, South Africa and the Maldives.

Coastal races are normally 4-8 km in length and require competitors (racing 12-16 at a time) to negotiate a number of turns. Starts and finishes may be on water on or on the beach. The standard boats are singles, doubles and coxed quadruple sculls.

Here are some resources and inspiration for you:

We especially encourage rowers who have never tried coastal rowing to come and try the sport. Get out in those big boats and see what they can do and what fun you can have! If you need extra motivation, check out this blog post about why all rowers should care about coastal rowing

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