2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Food & Drink

Where to eat (and drink)

Rowing is hard work, and you’re absolutely going to need to refuel, and relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Sidney and Victoria are a foodie’s paradise, with truly delightful restaurants, unassuming bistros and welcoming pubs. Chefs pride themselves on sourcing fresh, local ingredients and serving them up in new and exciting ways. There are so many dining choices, it will make for some tough decisions. And you’re totally up for it!

Here are some ideas to get you started on your food journey. Enjoy!

Restaurants and cafes

So much choice, you won’t know where to begin your journey.



Afternoon and high tea

Victoria is famous for serving up wonderful, authentic teas in atmosphere to suit any palate.


Snacks, coffee and libations

Besides what will be onsite at the racing venue, there are plenty of coffee shops in Sidney that can help you charge up with a hit of caffeine and/or a treat when you need it.

After the racing is done for the day why not gather some new and old friends, and raise a glass to celebrate yourselves? There are lots of great places to kick back and relax in both Sidney and Victoria.



Food trucks

Greater Victoria has recently become a mecca for food trucks. We are truly hoping that local food trucks will join us in Sidney for the regatta. The choices are endless: from the juiciest homemade burger and hand-cut fries to wild pacific salmon burgers, authentic tacos and pierogis so good that you’ll think your Ukrainian baba made them.


If you’ve decided to stay in your hotel and do your own cooking, or you just want to feel more self-sufficient, Sidney has a number of grocery stores, all within easy walking distance of the racing venue and hotels.




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