2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Help us make WRCC 2018 a “green” regatta

Competitors, volunteers and spectators at the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships can all contribute to make the event “green”.

Minimizing the environmental impact of the championships was part of the vision when local organizers began planning the event just over a year ago.

The organizing committee is excited to highlight our Official Green Power provider. Portable Electric is providing two 5k Voltstack power stations and three 2k units, plus technical support so we don’t have to rent as many diesel generators.

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How about a walk on the beach, with a little bending and stretching thrown in?

We’re inviting everyone – WRCC 2018 competitors and supporters included –  to be part of a beach cleanup on Sunday October 14th, from 10 am to 2 pm, after the championships are over.

A group called Surfrider is partnering with the City of Victoria  for a city-wide cleanup, including the regatta venue at Tulista Park. There will be team captains at the beaches who will direct a 1.5 hour “power” cleanup. Then everyone will head to Clover Point in south Victoria to sort the debris (plastic pollution), a group photo and snacks!



Here are some other ways you can help us make this a “green” event:

  • Waste: please use the recycling bins at the venue. Victoria recycles glass, tin, hard plastic, paper, organics (food waste) and beverage containers. Help us keep the venue clean and waste properly sorted.
  • Victoria water is excellent for drinking. Tap water for refillable water bottles is available onsite – remember to bring your water bottle! We do not sell bottled water. We also encourage you to bring your own refillable travel mug for coffee, to cut down on the amount of garbage.
  • Leave the venue clean and free of waste at the end of each day. Minimize use of paper (as well as printing ink); go digital wherever practical.
  • Respect the natural environment and marine life. Do not throw bottles or other waste into the sea. Enjoy the sea life on the beaches, but please leave the critters where they are. Do not take them home with you. Learn more about the Salish Seas marine ecosystem, the local orcas (killer whales) and other marine creatures. Visit the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea (https://www.salishseacentre.org/)

A Clean Air Bylaw applies throughout the Capital Regional District, including the Tulista Park venue.

Smoking is banned in all:

  • Indoor spaces and outdoor restaurant patios,
  • Playgrounds, parks, bus stops and public squares, and
  • Within 7 metres of all business doors, windows and air intakes.

Reduce your Carbon footprint:

  • The venue is within easy walking distance of amenities in Sidney and is served by public transit.
  • Support businesses that sell or serve local products.
  • Purchase carbon offsets to offset the carbon emissions from your travel to the regatta.  

These goals reflect World Rowing’s participation in the Clean Water Movement around the world:   

Rowing is a clean water sport, and so rowers have a number of very good reasons to be part of the “Clean water movement”. On the one hand, our sport and its future depend on it; but on the other hand, we cannot be selfish in our approach to its use.  As a sports federation, FISA believes that we all have a responsibility to apply environmentally-sustainable practices in the use and management of water. But we must do more and we must encourage others to do the same.



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