2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Help wanted: how you can get involved in the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships

By Anne Linton, Volunteer Coordinator, 2018 WRCC

Several months ago, I was asked by the organizing committee members for 2018 WRCC to help out as the volunteer coordinator for the event.

It amazes me to think that this world class event, which has never been to North America, has been taken on by a group of very enthusiastic, well-organized, very hard working volunteers (mostly flatwater rowers) who have put themselves on the line to introduce coastal rowing to  on Canada’s West Coast. Victoria is a perfect venue for open water rowing and touring. We hope this event

will sow the seeds for a lasting legacy.

That’s where volunteers come in: We will need well over 200 people to take on jobs from meeting and greeting arriving participants at the local airport, to strong folk who will brave the chilly waters of our ocean to assist with manoeuvring the coastal rowing shells from the start and finish.


Most of the volunteers will work in several areas/shifts over the week-long event period (this includes set up to take down) and we are grateful for their time, expertise and enthusiasm. This couldn’t happen without volunteers.

Many of the volunteers will have never been around a rowing event or seen a coastal boat. Regardless, they are willing to give of their time to support this event and make it a success.

There are participants coming from around the world, especially from places where this sport is popular, notably Europe. We have spouses of officials who will be visiting and have already said they will volunteer in any area (looking at you, New Zealand). We will also welcome seasoned visitors who have organized national coastal rowing regattas (thrilled for your help, Great Britain) and are willing to help out and share words of wisdom.

Interested volunteers should check out the 2018WRCC website to sign up and answer a few quick questions about their availability and area of interest. Volunteers’ QAs are forwarded directly to me (Anne). I am setting up an online volunteer registration site, where volunteers can view and enter their name and any information that is pertinent for the specific job they may want to be involved with.

In the next few weeks, we will provide dates, times and shift lengths, along with a short job description so that the volunteer can get a clear sense of what they are signing up for. There will be reminders and notifications leading up to the event as needed.

We are looking for a wide range of folk, no rowing experience or knowledge is necessary for a lot of the positions, although some jobs will require a little training.

This will be an exciting event to view, with up to 20 boats starting en masse from the beach and following a buoyed course for 4-6kms. There may be carnage with boats jockeying for position and rounding the buoys. Rough water is encouraged!

Volunteering will be a wonderful and horizon-expanding experience that will give you an opportunity to meet people from other countries, while you learn some new skills.

Your help will make this event a success for all the participants, and help cement BC’s place as a destination for coastal rowing.

Volunteer today!


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