2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Hong Kong rowers to compete in Canada as preparation for hosting in 2019

For a group of rowers from Hong Kong, the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships will be a sneak peek of what will be in store for them when they host the regatta in 2019.

We reached out to Wan Ng, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee for 2019 WRCC to find out more.

How long have you been doing coastal rowing?

My first time rowing in a coastal rowing boat was in 2008 when I agreed to substitute in a coastal quad for the Around the Island Race, which is 45km. We had just two practices before the race!  After that, I spent most of my rowing time in a flat-water shell, and only occasionally rowed in a coastal boat.

Last year, I decided to do more coastal rowing races, including the Hong Kong Rowing Coastal Championships, and the first annual Asian Rowing Coastal Championships. I’m very excited to come to Victoria this year to race in the 2018 WRCC.

Where do you row?

We row flat-water shells on the Shing Mun River. For coastal rowing, mainly on the south side of Hong Kong Island and sometimes in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

How many members do you have?

My club, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, had around 100 very active rowers. But there are a lot of other rowing clubs in Hong Kong. Rowing is very popular!

How many are coming to 2018 WRCC?

We have entered one single, one men’s double, one mixed double and one men’s quad.

Why did Hong Kong want to host 2019 WRCC?

Hong Kong is a city enclosed by the sea. It is very suitable for coastal rowing. We think hosting the WRCC in our iconic harbour will bring a very unique and special experience to rowers from all over the world. Besides, the venue is in the centre of the city, which will provide a lot of other fun activities in addition the WRCC.

We believe hosting 2019 WRCC will also help to accelerate the development of coastal rowing in HK and Asia!


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