2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Limited edition “Orca Spirit” print available now for purchase!

This would make a wonderful souvenir for WRCC 2018 participants!

There are a limited number available.

The print is called “Orca Spirit” by Archie Andrew

It’s 24 x 17 and signed by the artist.

To order your copy now: https://events.peloton-technologies.com/event/OARCAOS

Read more about the strong indigneous connections to the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships:
2018 WRCC organizing committee member Marla Weston with artist Archie Andrew
OARCA Coastal Rowing Association
A new organization, called OARCA, was formed to promote coastal rowing in Canada. It now has a new logo, reflecting the spirit of the orcas who swim the waters where the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships will be held.
Thank you to Archie for the inspirational logo!

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