2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada


List of Events

  • Women: CW 1x, CW 2x, CW 4x+
  • Men: CM 1x, CM 2x, CM 4x+
  • Mixed: CMix 2x
  • Open age category

How to enter

To compete at the World Rowing Coastal Championships, a competitor shall be a member of a club recognized by their National Federation. Crews may include members of different nationalities, but they must be members of a club under the same National Federation. Entries must be approved and submitted by the National Federation.

  1. Clubs submit entries to your National Federation (deadline to be determined by each National Federation). Please contact your federation for more information. Canadian and US athletes: please submit your entries via RegattaCentral. (link to : https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=5849), making sure you select the event with the correct country (e.g., Womens Open C1x (Canada) for members of Canadian clubs, Womens Open C1x (USA) for members of US clubs.). Please contact USRA or RCA directly if you have questions about your entries or eligibility.
  2. National federations submit entries by 10 September, 2018 using the FISA online entry system. Please include the club names and crew rankings.
  3. All athletes must complete the Rowers Commitment Form. If an athlete has not completed the form in 2017 please mail the form to FISA or submit it in person to the FISA representative at the Regatta Registration desk in Victoria.
  4. Crews must confirm their entries at registration in person at the regatta venue by 11am October 11, 2018. Any crew who has not confirmed their entry in person by that time, will be assumed to be not competing and will be removed from the draw. Crew confirmation can be done by a club official or representative on the crews behalf in person.


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