2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

The boats are here! The boats are here!


We have boats! With close to 20 volunteers in total, we unloaded the 4 quads, 4 doubles and 4 singles in less than 1.5 hours.

The boats all went into a local barn where tires awaited. The excitement was unwrapping all the boats. It was like Christmas morning!


Saturday will be “rigging day” where we check all the equipment and label boats, riggers and oars.

All the oars arrived last week. We also will need to sort out how to put the quad trailers together. That is likely to be a challenge!

We celebrated a successful unloading with a couple of growlers from our official beer sponsor Category 12 beer.

It was great to have so many volunteers to help with the unloading.

Thanks to Marla Weston from the 2018 WRCC Organizing Committee for the update!

It’s almost as exciting as…..


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