2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

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Venue & Race Course

The Organizing Committee has worked with World Rowing to design an interesting and challenging course that takes advantage of local conditions.

Race Course

WRCC 2018 is taking place at Tulista Park beach in Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula at the southern end of Vancouver Island. The race course will be set on Bazan Bay, facing east onto Sidney Channel (4 km wide). Several islands separate it from Haro Strait and provide some protection from SE wind and waves. There is ample space to put in a 6-8 km course.

Tulista Park features a long, straight, gently sloping pebbly beach, suitable for a beach start. This would be the first ever standing beach start at a World Rowing Coastal Championships. A beach start will be possible under most conditions, but a floating start 250 m off the beach will also be possible. The finish will be on the water, with the finish line perpendicular to the beach with the inshore end about 100m offshore.

Tentative 4 km Race Course for the heats and B finals

Tentative 6km Race Course for the A finals

Lochside Drive shorefront walkway and the walkway around Sidney waterfront provide excellent viewing for spectators.

Wind, Weather and Water

For 11 – 14 October, typical daily high is 14 oC and typical daily low is 5 oC. The average water temperature is 10 oC. Wind speed is typically 4.7-4.9 m/s from the southeast (135o-150o). Sunrise will occur at 7:30 am with sunset at 6:30 pm.

The venue is not exposed to ocean swells. Tidal currents in the area of the course run towards the south on the ebb and to the north on the flood, are will be between 0.5-2 m/s. During the regatta flood currents in the morning and late afternoon may reach 2 m/sec (4kts) but between mid-morning and mid-afternoon ebb currents will be less than 0.5 m/sec (1kt).

Waves are wind-generated. Wind against tide can create localized steep waves and choppy water conditions.


The boat park, athletes village, (including medical and rest tents), and marketplace will be located at Tulista Park, less than 1km south of the heart of Sidney.

Tentative Venue map September 2018

Environmental Policy

Our vision for the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships:
  1. To minimize the environmental impact of the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships.
  2. To host an event that highlights the local natural environment and engages participants, partners and spectators in protecting it.
  3. To host an event that engages and supports the local community, including the local Indigenous community.

As a most welcome visitor, you can help us achieve this vision:


Please use the recycling bins at the venue. Victoria recycles glass, tin, hard plastic, paper, organics (food waste) and beverage containers. Help us keep the venue clean and waste properly sorted.


Victoria water is excellent for drinking. Tap water for refillable water bottles will be available onsite – remember to bring your water bottle! We will not be selling bottled water. We also encourage you to bring your own refillable “travel mug” for coffee to cut down on the amount of garbage.

Natural environment
Clean air

A Clean Air Bylaw applies throughout the Capital Regional District, including the Tulista Park venue. Smoking is banned in all:

  • Indoor spaces and outdoor restaurant patios,
  • Playgrounds, parks, bus stops and public squares, and
  • Within 7 m of all business doors, windows and air intakes.
Reduce your carbon footprint

Contact us

Renting a boat: rentaboat@wrcc2018.com
Media Inquiries: media@wrcc2018.com


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