2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships, Victoria BC Canada

Vive la France! Meet some of the French rowers coming to Canada


The 2017 World Rowing Coastal Championships were held in Thonon-les-Bains, France.

Coastal rowing or “aviron de mer” is huge in France as you can see from this video from the Championnat de France d’Aviron de Mer 2018 Plougonvelin or French coastal rowing championships.

We are looking forward to welcoming teams from across France to compete in Victoria in October, including these two!

Team 2 gars – 2 filles : Cherbourg Aviron

We are from Cherbourg rowing club (Normandy – France). Team 2 gars 2 filles (2 guys – 2 girls) consists of four friends who wish to get the best results as possible in double scull coastal rowing.

We have been training hard, but we also have been looking for sponsors to get some donations and help us get to world rowing coastal championships.


This year, only two rowers of the team are going to compete in Victoria, David Lohier and Chloé Le Moigne. It will be their first time rowing together in a competition.

Another rower of Cherbourg rowing club is going to Victoria too, Fabien Gernais. He will row in a double scull with a former rower of Cherbourg, Jérome Hamelin.


La team sera présente aux Championnats du monde d’aviron de mer 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships.

Chloé Le Moigne et David Lohier seront alignés en Double Mixte, une première pour cette composition d’équipage.

Rendez-vous au mois d’Octobre à Victoria au Canada, mais avant grosse préparation estivale sous le soleil cherbourgeois.

Un autre rameur du Cherbourg Club Aviron De Mer sera également présent. Fabien Gernais sera lui en double masculin avec Jerome Hamelin.

PS : Si vous êtes intéressés pour devenir partenaire ou donner un petit coup de pouce à nos rameurs, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter!


Aviron Club de Cassis

By Emma Denjean

We are really looking forward to coming over to Canada and taking part in the Coastal Rowing World championships.

Our club is in Cassis, a beautiful village in the South of France just outside Marseille.




The club is a coastal rowing club only and has around 90 members. There is a group of around 25 competitive rowers, and we will be a group of 12 people coming over to Victoria in October.

We will be bringing women’s and men’s coxed fours, plus me, Emma!

There will be:

  1. Isabelle, Véro, Florence, Josette and Cecilia as the cox.
  2. Eric, Pierre, Remi, Lionel and Cecilia as the cox
  3.  and me, Emma.

We are all in the master category (around or over 40 years old) and have all been competing for around 10 years. We have been taking part in the coastal world rowing championships for many years.

All the photos are taken by Lionel Richard who is a well know rowing photographer here in the Mediterranean, and he will be coming with us to Victoria.    


Bienvenue – welcome – to all of the rowers from France! See you soon.

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